We are an Oregon Non Profit

We are official. We are now an Oregon Non Profit organization.

Note: We are still not (and may never become) a tax-exempt organization, and we still have some paperwork to file.

We also had our first board meeting last week where we approved our bylaws, board of directors, and officers.

Board Members:

  • Chair: Dawn Foster (contact: dawn at dawnfoster dot com)
  • Secretary: Raven Zachary (contact: raven at rinzai dot com)
  • Treasurer: Todd Kenefsky (contact: kenefsky at gmail dot com)
  • Josh Bancroft
  • Paul Biggs
  • Selena Deckelmann
  • Adam Duvander
  • Audrey Eschright
  • Justin Kistner

You can read our bylaws on our about page.

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