Legion of Tech Board Meeting Minutes 2008-2-11

Legion of Tech Board Meeting
Monday, 02/11/2008
Meeting held at Jive Software 317 SW Alder St Ste 500, Portland, OR
Meeting began at 5:48pm, ended at 7:40pm

In Attendance:

Dawn Foster, Todd Kenefsky, Selena Deckelmann, Adam Duvander, Audrey Eschright, Paul Biggs


Josh Bancroft, Justin Kistner

Meeting Minutes:

Discussed going to board for approval of all events. Call for votes for all events pending for official purposes.

Vote: PASSED, Adoption of a policy of not holding Legion of Tech events along side commercial conferences with commercial interests, unless exception is made by a vote of the majority of the Legion of Tech board.

Request for this policy to be documented for publication, for this reasoning to be made clear to others.

Vote: PASSED, Do not proceed with Ignite Portland at Innotech in April 2008, based on the new policy adoption regarding commercial events.

Raven Zachary will contact Sean Lowery to inform him of the decision.

Vote: PASSED, Do not proceed with Ignite Portland at OSCON in July 2008, based on the new policy adoption regarding commercial events.

Dawn Foster will contact Allison Randal to inform her of the decision.

Vote: PASSED, Do not proceed with Ignite Portland at Inverge, based on the new policy adoption regard commercial events.

Todd Kenefsky will contact Steve Gehlen to inform him of the decision.

Vote: PASSED, Proceed with Startupalooza in March 2008.

Vote: PASSED, Proceed with BarCamp Portland 2 in May 2008.

Discussed evolving the monthly BarCamp Meetups into a monthly Legion of Tech happy hour, possibly at a larger venue than Jive Software. Various options were discussed. No decisions were made. The topic was tabled.

Vote: PASSED, Holding a Legion of Tech kickoff party for the community, including information on what Legion of Tech is. Paul Biggs and Selena Deckelmann will manage this effort. Venue and dates to be determined.

501(c)(3) status update. Todd Kenefsky and Paul Biggs spent time talking with Steve Gehlen about the 501(c)(3) paperwork process last week. Discussed various options for 501(c)(3) paperwork resources. Financial projections and mission statement development were specifically discussed. Raven Zachary will look into The Company Corporation (incorporate.com) as an option.

Tuesday, February 19th, 6:30pm, work meeting on Mission Statement at the Side Door, 425 SE Washington.

Finance Committee Update. $968.68 funds available, takes into account $249.44 left over form Ignite Portland 1. Total sponsorship revenue from Ignite Portland 2 of $4525.00. Waiting for Intel Software Network and Voyager Capital on delayed sponsorship payments. We expect a larger balance once remaining sponsor checks are received. $2,268.68 to be expected as a balance. Ignite Portland 2 total costs. $3,055.76. $2176.55 on the Bagadad, food/facilities/AV. $455 in insurance. $150 in supplies.

Fiscal year was discussed. No decision has been made on the Legion of Tech fiscal year. Finance Committee discussed financial policies and procedures. The matter is still under consideration and formal policies to be submitted to the board at a later date.

Legion of Tech logo – we have a black and white logo design. Color treatments are being designed now. Justin Kistner is working on a vector version of the logo for digital use. We will send a thank you card for the logo designer at the next meeting.

Ignite Portland 2 debrief. Wednesday, February 13th. Noon at E-San Thai, 133 SW 2nd Avenue. Some discussion of overall event issues. Consideration to avoid mainstream media publicity in the future. Did not vote on this issue. Some ideas for a more efficient registration was discussed. Discussed the possibility of moving sponsor presentations to the middle of the event, rather than at the beginning.

Ignite Portland 3 update. Plan to move the event to June to avoid conflicting with scheduling and sponsor needs for Startupalooza and BarCamp Portland 2.

Startupalooza update. Has been on hold for a bit due to Ignite Portland 2 planning. $250 in sponsorships right now (Stoel Rives LLC). Kevin Spence is talking about pre-paying for a number of events. Looking for more sponsors.

BarCamp update. Starting planning meetings, 5pm at Cubespace on Tuesday, February 12th. It will cost about $1,600 for the space, $750 for staff, $300 for AC, $250 snacks, $300 for extra cleaning. We will try for enough sponsorships for catered meals.

Beaver BarCamp update. Discussed ways to support the event in Corvallis. Many of the board members will not be able to attend the event.

Legion of Tech Garage Sale idea. Explained idea for tech garage sale at Cubespace. DorkBot has been interested in doing this, as well. Idea of whatever is not sold, donation opportunity to FreeGeek. Board did not want to accept CRT monitors, due to cost, size and weight.

Vote: PASSED. Proceed with Legion of Tech Garage Sale, pending additional information. Raven Zachary will report back to the board via email.

Discussed presentation voting for future Ignite Portland events. Raven Zachary will propose some ideas and discuss at the next board meeting.

Discussed sponsorships. Some concern about donor fatigue for our number of events. Tabled until the next board meeting.

Discussed event playbook (documentation). Desire to capture the best practices for event production.

Discussed SocialGraph Foo Camp event that Scott Kveton attended. Some discussion about encouraging a similar event in Portland.

Discussed TechShop opening in Portland. Some discussion of Legion of Tech reaching out to TechShop.

Discussed grants opportunities for Legion of Tech. Tabled until the next board meeting.

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