April Board Meeting Minutes

Legion of Tech Board Meeting
Thursday, 04/10/2008
Meeting held at Jive Software 317 SW Alder St Ste 500, Portland, OR
Meeting began at 5:45pm, ended at 6:35pm

In Attendance:

Justin Kistner, Todd Kenefsky, Adam Duvander, Audrey Eschright, Paul Biggs, Raven Zachary


Selena Deckelmann, Josh Bancroft, Dawn Foster

Meeting Minutes:

Reviewed the proposed agenda, as follows:

Proposed Agenda:

•    Votes:
?    Continue pursuit of 501 (c)(3)
•    Updates:
?    Paul
?    Progress on 501(c) (3) status
?    Schedule working meetings
?    Todd
?    Finance Committee Update
?    Startupalooza Sponsor Final numbers
?    Ignite 3 Sponsors $ update
?    BarCamp Sponsors update
?    Bank Balance
?    Fiscal years?
?    Raven leading IP3?
?    Ignite 4 feasibility study
?    Selena
?    BarCamp Sponsor update
?    LoT Party
?    Audrey
?    Survey
?    Raven
?    Ignite3 Update
?    Dawn
?    BarCamp updates
?    Adam
?    Updates?
?    Justin
?    Updates?
?    Josh
?    Updates?
•    Updates (enter your updates here prior to the meeting):
•    Dawn
?    BarCamp – Need a big push for sponsors right now. This will drive how much we can spend on food / t-shirts / etc. We should all be reaching out to our network and soliciting sponsors.
•    Audrey
?    Survey: no new news. It might help if someone could meet up with me to finalize the questions to ask. I just need a prod to get this ready for people to respond.

Paul provided an update on the 501(c)(3) status. No progress this month on this project. Need to schedule a meeting with TACS, a group that helps non-profits, provides advice for forming non-profits. Meeting with TACS not yet scheduled.

Todd mentioned that we are not filing certain papers (he did not have specific information) with the state that could jeopardize our filing date, discussed the option to give up the effort to pursue a 501(c)(3) status. Selena and Dawn have the specific information.

Discussions the benefits of 501(c)(3) – mostly focused around tax-exempt donation benefits.

Justin will talk to his friend who already went through the process to setup a 501(c)(3).

The Board decided to postpone a vote on pursuing 501(c)(3) status, pending more information on this. This issue will be discussed through the mailing list.

Todd provided a Finance Committee update. Since the last meeting, Selena’s mom (a CPA) has drafted an official spreadsheet for tracking finances properly. Selena has been unavailable to train Todd on this. Todd has been keeping track using the old system.

$3,100 in sponsorship revenue for Startupalooza, received all but $500. Kevin Spence is in the process of changing banks, and POSSE, which has been late. $1,750 spent on Startupalooza. Carryover form Startupalooza will be used for BarCamp Portland 2 in May 2008.

Ignite Portland 3 so far raised $500 in pledged sponsorships. $0 received. Haven’t solicited for sponsors yet.

Bar Camp $2,050 pledged, independent of the carryover from Startupalooza. Received $500 of this, AboutUs and Stoel Rives LLC.

Net reserves right now of approximately $2,000 in the bank.

Adam talked to Dawn on BarCamp sponsorships – we don’t have set amounts for sponsors, we encourage $250 for individual, $500 for small company, and $1,000 for the larger companies.

No update on the fiscal year provided.

Ignite Portland 3. Selected Wednesday June 18th at Bagdad Theater. Todd will confirm date and provide initial payment. Todd will work with Igal for the ticketing system. Todd will do final confirmation with Bagdad Theater before we announce the event publicly. Discussed moving the website to improve performance. Also discussed doing a new WordPress theme specifically for the Ignite Portland event. Todd and Justin will talk about a weekend WordPress design effort.

Todd talked about doing Ignite Portland 4 in August or September in Pioneer Square for the general public. Todd will explore and report back to the board.

Selena was not present, skipped her update items.

Audrey discussed the event attendance demographics survey. No new updates. Audrey talked about doing a working lunch to work on this.

Raven talked about deciding on a voting procedure for proposals for Ignite Portland 3. A number of options were discussed. One plan would be board members + several Ignite alumni + a community aggregate through public polling. It was agreed not to do final voting for speakers over lunch – too much noise. No decisions were made.

Raven asked Todd to create a PayPal tonight for our corporate bank account. Todd agreed.

Adam raised the issue of taking money directly from individuals during an event, such as paid t-shirts for BarCamp Portland. The board did not see this to be a problem.

Adam gave a status update on t-shirts for BarCamp Portland. Has a quote from a company – won’t do on-site service. Plan to ask people in advance for shirt sizes and have an inventory to sell at the event or possibly pay online and pick up the shirt at the event.

Audrey asked about the Tech Garage Sale. Raven had no update to provide to the board.

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