March Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Logisitics:

March 13, 2008
5:45 PM
Jive Software 317 SW Alder St Ste 500


Dawn Foster, Todd Kenefsky, Selena Deckelmann, Adam Duvander, Audrey Eschright, Paul Biggs, Justin Kistner


Josh Bancroft


Progress on 501(c) (3) status (Paul)

  • Conflict of Interest Policy up for review by Board
  • This is to make sure that the money we spend isn’t done in personal interest
  • Paul/Selena met with Becky Blumer from Hands on Portland
  • Going to contact TACS for some help with our filing
  • Working Session output — document published to the google group
  • Need to re-write bylaws and focus on our core mission, rather than idealistic goals
  • Schedule a working session


Go / No go on Legion of Tech Garage Sale idea (Raven)

  • Vote: Approved — unanimous

Go / No go on LoT Kickoff Party assuming we have someone to approve costs (sponsorship) (Selena)

  • Status: Gotham, Side Door, Lucky Lab ?
  • Vote: Approved (unanimous)
  • Selena, Justin, Paul to work on this project

Sponsor a survey of the Portland tech community to learn more about our demographics (Audrey–already working on this, would like to put the LoT name on it)

  • Status: We don’t know as much as we’d like about the local community, Audrey would like to lead this effort.
  • Vote: Approved (unanimous)


Finance Committee Update (Todd)

  • Startupalooza Sponsor $ update (March 29) $1600 in pledge, $800 outstanding (need $1000 more)
  • Ignite 3 Sponsors $ update: Beerchips, Ziba design, Toonlet: $800 pledges
  • Ignite 2: We received all of the checks from Ignite
  • Barcamp sponsors: $750 pledged ($500 outstanding)
  • Bank Balance: $2018.68 (Net $918 reserves)
  • Fiscal year: Tentatively planning to make it the end of September

LoT Logo Coloring (Justin)

  • New Logo discussed
  • Will vote over email

Ignite3 Updates (Raven)

  • Urgently need a date in June
  • Week of June 16th at the Bagdad
  • Todd to check in with them about Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Working with Igal on the registration system
  • Lessons learned: could use some extra time to preview the slides

Startupalooza updates (Todd)

  • All the speakers are in!

BarCamp updates (Dawn)

  • Things are underway, waiting on sponsorship money to decide how much food

Discussion about needing to set some working meetings to hammer though some startup stuff

  • Bylaws revisions
  • Narrative
  • WORKING MEETING: 3/18/08, 6:30pm SIDE DOOR


Ideas to make these board meetings more efficient.

  • Per person updates
  • Send updates ahead of the meeting – 24 hours before the meeting
  • Conference calls for subcommitee meetings

When to meet with Steve Gehlen?

  • Working session with available board members in the next week scheduled

NXNW – We think this would be too big to do as a community event, so LoT will not offer to coordinate this potential event.

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