Board Meeting Minutes for June 2008

Legion of Tech Board Meeting
Thursday, 06/12/2008
Meeting held at Jive Software 317 SW Alder St Ste 500, Portland, OR
Meeting began at 5:55pm, ended at 8:45pm

In Attendance:
Paul Biggs, Selena Deckelmann, Audrey Eschright, Todd Kenefesky, Dawn Foster, Justin Kistner (phone), Adam DuVander

Raven Zachary, Josh Bancroft

Reviewed the proposed agenda, as follows:


* Votes:
o Legion of Talk decision
Board approved July Legion of Talk event with Gary Vaynerchuk only
o WordCamp Decision
Board rejected the proposal at this time.
o “CubeCamp” (spawn of My Other Thing) Decision (selena)
Board approved conditional to name change, no-cost event, and firming up the roles and responsibilities
o WhereCamp PDX
Board approved conditional to October date, sponsors outside our standard pool, and organizing committee made up of at least half of non-board members
o Technology and Infrastructure committee consisting of Audrey (leader), Selena, and Adam
Board approved

* Update Agenda:
o Paul
+ Progress on 501(c)3 application
Feedback on 501(c)3 class. Compared to other organizations, we are ahead of the game.
Paul needs financial forecast from Finance Committee. FC will discuss at next meeting.
+ Schedule happy hour working meetings
Paul will schedule meeting at beginning of week after Ignite (June 23 or 24)
+ Meet with TACS on June 26th at 9:30am
Selena and Paul will attend.
o Todd
+ Finance Committee Update
Finance committee meeting on Saturday.
+ Bank Balance
Finance: $4,500 in account. $2,000 net balance.
+ Legion of Talk update
We have a speaker (Gary Vaynerchuk), a venue, and a sponsor
Discussion of technical community and whether we are serving the harder technical community members. Board will vote on only the current Legion of Talk and discuss future Legion of Talk events in the future.
+ Revisit long term planning for LoT. Form committee?
Board wants to brainstorm where we are headed with the organization. Dawn will put together an initial group meeting.
+ Propose Ignite-like event (Ignite probably not in name), shorter, topics all tech-related done in conjunction with BarCamp.
Discussion of Lightning Talk / Brown bag lunch event, with many small, technical talks. Selena and Audrey will lead sometime in the fall. To be discussed at August board meeting.
o Selena
+ LoT Party
Canceled the LoT kick-off party. Will focus on LoT Happy Hour
+ Ignite 3 Sponsors $ update
Pledged: $4,300; Received: $2,800
+ CubeCamp
Extension of My Other Thing session at BarCamp
Discussed that name is associated with CubeSpace. Group decided we would have to rename.
Discussed that the cost is contrary to how other events are free
o Audrey
+ WhereCamp PDX
October event for location-based services and other mapping-related topics
Legion of Tech would do sponsor work
Audrey will lead, Selena will do sponsors, Justin will put together website
+ Starting a LoT technology committee
Sub-committee in charge of maintaining our websites, blog, wiki, software (ticketing, proposal), graphic assets (sponsor logos), passwords
Public issue tracker for others to add technical problems
Committee will consist of three technical board members. Currently: Audrey, Selena, Adam
+ Event planning process–How can we make things run more smoothly?
Discussed ways to be more visible to the community and not appear secretive
Audrey and Selena will send a proposal to the BOD mailing list
o Dawn
+ Legion of Tech Happy Hour (was BarCamp Meetups)
Discussed alternate locations and the downsides of aligning with any one company
Dawn will call Plan B about using patio
+ WordCamp
Tentative September 27
Board does not feel comfortable with only covering the money-accepting angle.
No board member is available to lead the event
o Adam
+ Involving more of our community
Involve volunteers more in the planning process and groom them for leading in the future
Board will discuss in the future how to handle individual contributions

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