Ignite Portland 4 is coming! Thursday, November 13 at the Bagdad

Hey everyone! Forgive us for not posting this here sooner, but you might have heard that another Ignite Portland is about to happen. If not, well, you’re lucky you read this post in time! 🙂

Ignite Portland 4 will take place on Thursday, November 13, at the Bagdad Theater. You can find more details (like the talk lineup, etc.) over at www.igniteportland.com. Tickets went AMAZINGLY fast, but you can still come – we kept plenty of space for general admission.

This is the fourth Ignite Portland event, and every time we do one, we’re astounded at how great they continue to be. Each one outdoes the others in terms of fantastic talks, great volunteers, and an overall rockin’ good time. So don’t miss out! 🙂

We’re already starting to talk about the next couple of Ignite Portland events, too, so if you can’t make IP4, for whatever reason, then stay tuned here and at igniteportland.com and come to the next one (or even better, submit a talk idea)!.