Recent Changes & the Future of the Legion of Tech Board

Being on the Legion of Tech board is a big time commitment. We aren’t one of those boards where you can attend board meetings, provide advice and then go away until the next meeting. We’re a working board, and board members are expected to organize events and contribute in other ways to the organization. When life throws a curve ball and personal or work commitments start requiring more time, it can be very hard to continue participating on a working board.

This brings me to the point of this blog post. Over the past month, both Craig Fisk and Chris O’Rourke have resigned from the board to take care of personal and/or business issues that required more attention than they could provide while also maintaining their commitments to Legion of Tech. We wish both of them the best of luck and hope to see them involved as volunteers in future Legion of Tech activities.

The seven remaining board members are:

  • Josh Bancroft
  • Adam DuVander
  • Amy Farrell
  • Dawn Foster
  • Todd Kenefsky
  • Chris Pitzer
  • Raven Zachary

Our bylaws state that we will have at least 5 board members, but no more than 10 board members, so at this point, we don’t plan to hold any special elections to replace Craig and Chris. In fact, we have been considering reducing the size of the board anyway. The organization that manages the Open Source Bridge conference has only a three person board, and the majority of the event is run by volunteers. While we don’t think we want to reduce the board to three people, we think that having fewer board members would help us be a leaner organization with less overhead while giving other people in our community more opportunities to volunteer for events. Right now, we have so many board members, that most of our event organizing committees are made up of mostly board members.

We’d like to have more opportunities for people in the community who aren’t on the board to step up and help with events like BarCampPortland, Ignite Portland and Startupalooza. We’re excited about finding additional ways to get the Portland tech community more involved in our activities.

What do you think? How can we engage the community to be more involved in our events? How would you like to be involved?

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