BarCamp Portland 4 to be Rescheduled

Last month, we announced a date for BarCamp Portland 4, and dove into planning for a combined event with Code Camp. Many of us were excited about the possibility of combining these two events.

After a few weeks, though, we found that the attempt to combine planning efforts was not working well. In particular, several of the BarCamp organizers and volunteers were finding the combined planning process difficult.

We discussed this at last week’s board meeting, and decided to pull BarCamp out of the May 22 event at the U of P.  We will reschedule BarCamp 4 to another date and location.

I’d like to emphasize that Code Camp is still going to happen on May 22, and that it is likely to be an excellent event for developers, as it has been for the past several years.

Want to know when BarCamp is happening? We’ll post it here when we know. If you’re following this blog or following @BarCampPortland on twitter, you’ll be among the first to know.

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