Announcing the 2011 Board of Directors

Legion of Tech held board elections at our regular meeting last week. We are pleased to announce that the following people have been elected to serve on the 2011-2012 board: Amy Farrell, Chris McCraw, Anne Buckley, Reid Beels and Michael Dexter. Christie Koehler and Jason Mauer are continuing their 2-year terms.

New Members

Chris McCraw is a unix geek and coder with tons of volunteer and community organizing experience, including at several BarCamps. Most recently he helped organize Portland BarCamp 4 and did a fantastic job.

Anne Buckley is an Operations Manager at Yahoo Small Business. She has an extensive background in customer relations and also has experience with nonprofit management. Anne did an awesome job coordinating volunteers for the most recent IgnitePortland.

Reid Beels is an Interaction Designer and Software Engineer at Paydici. He’s volunteered for numerous Legion of Tech events, is co-organizer of WhereCamp and co-chair of Open Source Bridge.

Michael Dexter is Program Director at Linux Fund and has considerable nonprofit experience. Among many other activities, Michael organizes the Portland Linux/Unix User Group (PLUG) Advanced Topics meetings.

Re-Elected Member

Amy Farrell is a Software Engineer for Conducive Technology (FlightStats) here in Portland. She is a Legion of Tech board alumna, its current treasurer and an experienced BarCamp planner. Amy is active in local user groups, including PDXFunc and Code ‘n’ Splode.

Continuing Members

Christie Koehler is a Senior Software Engineer at ShopIgniter. She also co-chairs the Open Source Bridge conference, and leads Code ‘n’ Splode, a user group for women in technology.

Jason Mauer is owner and chief architect at Mighty Code, a software development shop based here in Portland. Jason is active in the Portland user group and spent several years on the SAO’s Developer’s Forum Steering Committee.

Please join us in welcoming the 2011 Legion of Tech Board!

Announcing a Resolution to Last Year’s Embezzlement

It is with a bittersweet note that we announce we have come to a resolution regarding last year’s fraud issue. One of our former directors fraudulently converted Legion of Tech funds of approximately $29,000. As many of you know, it has taken us a bit over a year for the legal system to resolve this issue. We apologize for remaining largely silent during these months; this was done at the advice of our attorney.

Moving forward, Legion of Tech is committed to ensure that such financial impropriety is not committed again. We have now instituted a number of checks and balances to assure our finances are managed appropriately.

We have reached a restitution agreement with the individual and he has agreed to a plan to pay back the funds that he has taken, with interest, along with attorney’s fees and costs incurred in the matter. Our agreement with this individual gives us recourse should he default on his repayment and is designed to be nondischargeable in bankruptcy.

Additionally, he has offered the following apology:

I apologize to Legion of Tech, and especially to the community it serves, for misappropriating funds intended for use by the organization. I regret abusing the trust of those individuals and organizations who supported the mission of Legion of Tech.
— Todd

Finally, we want to thank our community, including our volunteers and sponsors, for supporting us through these difficult times. We look forward to your continued trust and respect and also to continue to bring you fantastic tech events.

the Legion of Tech Board