WhereCamp PDX

This October 17th-19th local geo-geeks of all stripes will be gathering for the very first WhereCamp PDX. WhereCamp is an event that started in the Bay Area in 2007 to continue conversations from the Where 2.0 conference. Legion of Tech is organizing a Portland version to show off the amazing, fun geographic technology activity we have. This is not just an event for specialists: we would like anyone who is interested in the intersection of people, place, and technology to participate.

You can find out more on the WhereCamp PDX blog, and RSVP and find more event details on Upcoming. We are also looking for sponsors.

Summer Coders’ Social

Here’s another great event coming up: Portland’s multi-user group coders’ social is back for summer, with a picnic August 3rd at Laurelhurst Park. It’s happening 11am-5pm at picnic area E.

The winter event was a fun board and card game meetup at CubeSpace, and Sam Keen and the other organizers have planned a family-friendly barbecue to follow up. Mozilla is sponsoring burgers and hotdogs (plus a vegan version), and the rest is potluck. RSVP with your side dish of choice if you’ll be there.

Board Meeting Minutes for June 2008

Legion of Tech Board Meeting
Thursday, 06/12/2008
Meeting held at Jive Software 317 SW Alder St Ste 500, Portland, OR
Meeting began at 5:55pm, ended at 8:45pm

In Attendance:
Paul Biggs, Selena Deckelmann, Audrey Eschright, Todd Kenefesky, Dawn Foster, Justin Kistner (phone), Adam DuVander

Raven Zachary, Josh Bancroft

Reviewed the proposed agenda, as follows:


* Votes:
o Legion of Talk decision
Board approved July Legion of Talk event with Gary Vaynerchuk only
o WordCamp Decision
Board rejected the proposal at this time.
o “CubeCamp” (spawn of My Other Thing) Decision (selena)
Board approved conditional to name change, no-cost event, and firming up the roles and responsibilities
o WhereCamp PDX
Board approved conditional to October date, sponsors outside our standard pool, and organizing committee made up of at least half of non-board members
o Technology and Infrastructure committee consisting of Audrey (leader), Selena, and Adam
Board approved

* Update Agenda:
o Paul
+ Progress on 501(c)3 application
Feedback on 501(c)3 class. Compared to other organizations, we are ahead of the game.
Paul needs financial forecast from Finance Committee. FC will discuss at next meeting.
+ Schedule happy hour working meetings
Paul will schedule meeting at beginning of week after Ignite (June 23 or 24)
+ Meet with TACS on June 26th at 9:30am
Selena and Paul will attend.
o Todd
+ Finance Committee Update
Finance committee meeting on Saturday.
+ Bank Balance
Finance: $4,500 in account. $2,000 net balance.
+ Legion of Talk update
We have a speaker (Gary Vaynerchuk), a venue, and a sponsor
Discussion of technical community and whether we are serving the harder technical community members. Board will vote on only the current Legion of Talk and discuss future Legion of Talk events in the future.
+ Revisit long term planning for LoT. Form committee?
Board wants to brainstorm where we are headed with the organization. Dawn will put together an initial group meeting.
+ Propose Ignite-like event (Ignite probably not in name), shorter, topics all tech-related done in conjunction with BarCamp.
Discussion of Lightning Talk / Brown bag lunch event, with many small, technical talks. Selena and Audrey will lead sometime in the fall. To be discussed at August board meeting.
o Selena
+ LoT Party
Canceled the LoT kick-off party. Will focus on LoT Happy Hour
+ Ignite 3 Sponsors $ update
Pledged: $4,300; Received: $2,800
+ CubeCamp
Extension of My Other Thing session at BarCamp
Discussed that name is associated with CubeSpace. Group decided we would have to rename.
Discussed that the cost is contrary to how other events are free
o Audrey
+ WhereCamp PDX
October event for location-based services and other mapping-related topics
Legion of Tech would do sponsor work
Audrey will lead, Selena will do sponsors, Justin will put together website
+ Starting a LoT technology committee
Sub-committee in charge of maintaining our websites, blog, wiki, software (ticketing, proposal), graphic assets (sponsor logos), passwords
Public issue tracker for others to add technical problems
Committee will consist of three technical board members. Currently: Audrey, Selena, Adam
+ Event planning process–How can we make things run more smoothly?
Discussed ways to be more visible to the community and not appear secretive
Audrey and Selena will send a proposal to the BOD mailing list
o Dawn
+ Legion of Tech Happy Hour (was BarCamp Meetups)
Discussed alternate locations and the downsides of aligning with any one company
Dawn will call Plan B about using patio
+ WordCamp
Tentative September 27
Board does not feel comfortable with only covering the money-accepting angle.
No board member is available to lead the event
o Adam
+ Involving more of our community
Involve volunteers more in the planning process and groom them for leading in the future
Board will discuss in the future how to handle individual contributions

May Board Meeting Minutes

Legion of Tech Board Meeting
Thursday, 05/08/2008
Meeting held at Jive Software 317 SW Alder St Ste 500, Portland, OR
Meeting began at 5:55pm, ended at 7:30pm

In Attendance:

Adam Duvander, Paul Biggs, Selena Deckelmann, Audrey Eschright, Todd Kenefesky, Dawn Foster, Raven Zachary, Justin Kistner


Josh Bancroft

Reviewed the proposed agenda, as follows:


* Votes:
o Minor involvement of LoT in LoTV codeathon (mostly making connections, local promotions, and mobilizing volunteers
o Determine leader for Ignite Portland 3 & vote.
o Vote on proposal to rename BarCamp Meetups to the Legion of Tech Happy Hour & new location (rent Lucky Lab room? Other options). See below.
o Vote on proposal for LoT to cover the $85 fee for the TACS 501(c)3 workshop

* Update Agenda:
o Paul
+ Progress on 501(c) (3) status (see link in details below)
+ Schedule working meetings
o Todd
+ Finance Committee Update
+ BarCamp final numbers
+ Bank Balance
o Selena
+ LoT Party
+ Ignite hosting migration
+ Ignite 3 Sponsors $ update
o Audrey
+ Survey
+ People have been asking me when they can get a LoT t-shirt. Do we want to do this?
o Raven
+ Updates?
o Dawn
+ BarCamp review
+ Posting minutes after the Board meetings
o Justin
+ Updates?
o Josh
+ Updates?
o Adam
+ T-shirt experience
+ Other individual donation opportunities

Notes regarding agenda posted to Google Group prior to Board Meeting:

* Dawn
o BarCamp Meetup Proposal: Rename to Legion of Tech Happy Hour. Hold at the same time (4th Thurs from 5:30-7:30). Location: issue is that we have outgrown Jive. Requirements for new space: private room larger than Jive (allows us to do introductions & mingle); same location every month (roving meetups are just too labor intensive to organize); somewhere with food & drinks. Proposal: Lucky Lab. Ideally get a sponsor to cover the room & a round of beer.
o BarCamp went very well. Feedback was mostly positive with minor suggestions for improvement. Would still like to keep it at Cubespace. People would like to see us do it more often, but we’d need to talk about sponsorship / volunteer burnout with more frequent events. Details here: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgdxgh6t_61d3xd86hc
o Any chance I can recruit someone to manage the review process and posting of minutes to the LoT blog?  (Raven?)
* Audrey
o Survey: As of Wednesday morning we have 253 responses. I need help from everyone continuing to promote this on local mailing lists and blogs. Also: those of you with local tech coworkers, can you send it to internal lists?
* Adam
o T-shirt experience – how did it go? annoying to deal with money?
o Other individual donation opportunities?
* Paul
o We drafted up the 501(c)3 narrative, for people to look over after the meeting in preparation for the next working session: http://groups.google.com/group/legion-of-tech-bod/web/501c3-narrative

Meeting Minutes:

Discussed Legion of Tech involvement in the League of Technical Voters Code-a-Thon to take place around OSCON in late July 2008. SIlona wanted support finding volunteers and helping promote the event. The Board voted to proceed with helping in this event on a limited basis.

Discussed Ignite Portland 3 leadership role. Raven asked to take less of a role for this event due to a busy schedule over the summer and timing conflict with his organization of iPhoneDevCamp 2 and being out of town for the first two weeks of June. Justin Kistner volunteered to be the lead for this event. The Board approved. Regarding the selection of speakers, the Board decided for the Board membership to be the selection committee this time. The Board will meet several weeks before the event to select speakers. Ignite Portland 3 planning meetings will be held every Thursday at E-San during lunch. Justin will plan for a meeting in the next week to start the process.

Discussed the renaming of the BarCamp Meetups to the Legion of Tech Happy Hour and move to a new location as we have outgrown the space at Jive Software. Various venues were discussed. The Board approved the rename and move. A venue will be decided soon – if no venue can be selected by the next Board meeting, we will use the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne and pay for the $100 room fee. No Happy Hour will be held during the month of May. Audrey will send out an email about the cancellation of the May event.

The Board approved the $85 fee for the TACS 501(c)3 workshop.

Paul gave an update on the 501(c)(3) Narrative text. The current narrative draft text on the Google Group was reviewed. The Board will schedule a meeting to work through the Narrative.

Todd gave a Finance Committee update. BarCamp sponsorships received $8,905.60. Outstanding $1,000.00 from PSU, will be paid directly to CubeSpace for expenses. T-shirts sold online $879.52. T-shirts sold on-site $605.00. Total raised for BarCamp: $11,390.12. BarCamp 2 Costs $9,731.91. Retained $1,658.21. Gross Bank Balance $13,599.44. Net Bank Balance $2,500.00 ESTIMATE. Actual figure to be reported after Finance Committee meeting Tuesday. Ignite Portland 3 sponsorships received $0.00.

Discussed whether we should provide food at Ignite Portland 3. Tabled this for review at the Ignite planning meetings.

Todd brought up the idea of special speaker events in Portland, produced by Legion of Tech. The Board discussed this opportunity.

Selena gave an update on the Legion of Tech kickoff party. The Board discussed rolling this into the first Legion of Tech Happy Hour.

Selena gave an update on the hosting migration for the Ignite Portland website. GoDaddy is having problems with the DNS records. Selena is working with GoDaddy tech support on the problems.

Selena gave an update on Ignite Portland 3 sponsors. Vidoop is interested. Beer Chips is providing free chips. Ziba is going to sponsor. Dawn will talk to Jive. Selena talked about getting sponsors to do 15-second segments instead of stage introductions.

Audrey gave an update on the survey, there have been 281 responses so far. Audrey is aiming for 1,000 responses. 20% of the respondents are female. Audrey is working on spreading the word. Audrey showed an age distribution graph – the majority of respondents are 26-35 years old.

Dawn gave a post-mortem on BarCamp, based on the closing session at BarCamp. Good feedback received. Talked about attendance. Several Board members thought attendance was lower than expected.

Dawn talked about the Board meeting minutes review process. She would like to pass this responsibility on to someone else. Raven will take over this role as the Secretary.

Justin gave a brief update on the new website for Ignite Portland. Reviewed the new WordPress design that will launch in the next few days. Justin recommended that we look at WordPress MU in the future to manage multiple sites.

Adam and Raven gave a t-shirt update.  40 extra t-shirts ordered for sale at BarCamp. We ended up with 7 extra women’s shirts, but not enough 2XL or M sized shirts, based on demand. Brian Jamison still owes money for his t-shirt. Todd will email him a PayPal invoice. Pre-ordering went well – several people did not pick up shirts, all given out to friends to deliver. Discussed various options for online t-shirt ordering for Legion of Tech t-shirts.

Adam talked about taking money from individuals for future event production as donations. One idea was paying for lunch.

Discussed moving Ignite Portland 3 later in the evening so that people will have time to eat dinner before attending and to save on food costs.

April Board Meeting Minutes

Legion of Tech Board Meeting
Thursday, 04/10/2008
Meeting held at Jive Software 317 SW Alder St Ste 500, Portland, OR
Meeting began at 5:45pm, ended at 6:35pm

In Attendance:

Justin Kistner, Todd Kenefsky, Adam Duvander, Audrey Eschright, Paul Biggs, Raven Zachary


Selena Deckelmann, Josh Bancroft, Dawn Foster

Meeting Minutes:

Reviewed the proposed agenda, as follows:

Proposed Agenda:

•    Votes:
?    Continue pursuit of 501 (c)(3)
•    Updates:
?    Paul
?    Progress on 501(c) (3) status
?    Schedule working meetings
?    Todd
?    Finance Committee Update
?    Startupalooza Sponsor Final numbers
?    Ignite 3 Sponsors $ update
?    BarCamp Sponsors update
?    Bank Balance
?    Fiscal years?
?    Raven leading IP3?
?    Ignite 4 feasibility study
?    Selena
?    BarCamp Sponsor update
?    LoT Party
?    Audrey
?    Survey
?    Raven
?    Ignite3 Update
?    Dawn
?    BarCamp updates
?    Adam
?    Updates?
?    Justin
?    Updates?
?    Josh
?    Updates?
•    Updates (enter your updates here prior to the meeting):
•    Dawn
?    BarCamp – Need a big push for sponsors right now. This will drive how much we can spend on food / t-shirts / etc. We should all be reaching out to our network and soliciting sponsors.
•    Audrey
?    Survey: no new news. It might help if someone could meet up with me to finalize the questions to ask. I just need a prod to get this ready for people to respond.

Paul provided an update on the 501(c)(3) status. No progress this month on this project. Need to schedule a meeting with TACS, a group that helps non-profits, provides advice for forming non-profits. Meeting with TACS not yet scheduled.

Todd mentioned that we are not filing certain papers (he did not have specific information) with the state that could jeopardize our filing date, discussed the option to give up the effort to pursue a 501(c)(3) status. Selena and Dawn have the specific information.

Discussions the benefits of 501(c)(3) – mostly focused around tax-exempt donation benefits.

Justin will talk to his friend who already went through the process to setup a 501(c)(3).

The Board decided to postpone a vote on pursuing 501(c)(3) status, pending more information on this. This issue will be discussed through the mailing list.

Todd provided a Finance Committee update. Since the last meeting, Selena’s mom (a CPA) has drafted an official spreadsheet for tracking finances properly. Selena has been unavailable to train Todd on this. Todd has been keeping track using the old system.

$3,100 in sponsorship revenue for Startupalooza, received all but $500. Kevin Spence is in the process of changing banks, and POSSE, which has been late. $1,750 spent on Startupalooza. Carryover form Startupalooza will be used for BarCamp Portland 2 in May 2008.

Ignite Portland 3 so far raised $500 in pledged sponsorships. $0 received. Haven’t solicited for sponsors yet.

Bar Camp $2,050 pledged, independent of the carryover from Startupalooza. Received $500 of this, AboutUs and Stoel Rives LLC.

Net reserves right now of approximately $2,000 in the bank.

Adam talked to Dawn on BarCamp sponsorships – we don’t have set amounts for sponsors, we encourage $250 for individual, $500 for small company, and $1,000 for the larger companies.

No update on the fiscal year provided.

Ignite Portland 3. Selected Wednesday June 18th at Bagdad Theater. Todd will confirm date and provide initial payment. Todd will work with Igal for the ticketing system. Todd will do final confirmation with Bagdad Theater before we announce the event publicly. Discussed moving the website to improve performance. Also discussed doing a new WordPress theme specifically for the Ignite Portland event. Todd and Justin will talk about a weekend WordPress design effort.

Todd talked about doing Ignite Portland 4 in August or September in Pioneer Square for the general public. Todd will explore and report back to the board.

Selena was not present, skipped her update items.

Audrey discussed the event attendance demographics survey. No new updates. Audrey talked about doing a working lunch to work on this.

Raven talked about deciding on a voting procedure for proposals for Ignite Portland 3. A number of options were discussed. One plan would be board members + several Ignite alumni + a community aggregate through public polling. It was agreed not to do final voting for speakers over lunch – too much noise. No decisions were made.

Raven asked Todd to create a PayPal tonight for our corporate bank account. Todd agreed.

Adam raised the issue of taking money directly from individuals during an event, such as paid t-shirts for BarCamp Portland. The board did not see this to be a problem.

Adam gave a status update on t-shirts for BarCamp Portland. Has a quote from a company – won’t do on-site service. Plan to ask people in advance for shirt sizes and have an inventory to sell at the event or possibly pay online and pick up the shirt at the event.

Audrey asked about the Tech Garage Sale. Raven had no update to provide to the board.

March Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Logisitics:

March 13, 2008
5:45 PM
Jive Software 317 SW Alder St Ste 500


Dawn Foster, Todd Kenefsky, Selena Deckelmann, Adam Duvander, Audrey Eschright, Paul Biggs, Justin Kistner


Josh Bancroft


Progress on 501(c) (3) status (Paul)

  • Conflict of Interest Policy up for review by Board
  • This is to make sure that the money we spend isn’t done in personal interest
  • Paul/Selena met with Becky Blumer from Hands on Portland
  • Going to contact TACS for some help with our filing
  • Working Session output — document published to the google group
  • Need to re-write bylaws and focus on our core mission, rather than idealistic goals
  • Schedule a working session


Go / No go on Legion of Tech Garage Sale idea (Raven)

  • Vote: Approved — unanimous

Go / No go on LoT Kickoff Party assuming we have someone to approve costs (sponsorship) (Selena)

  • Status: Gotham, Side Door, Lucky Lab ?
  • Vote: Approved (unanimous)
  • Selena, Justin, Paul to work on this project

Sponsor a survey of the Portland tech community to learn more about our demographics (Audrey–already working on this, would like to put the LoT name on it)

  • Status: We don’t know as much as we’d like about the local community, Audrey would like to lead this effort.
  • Vote: Approved (unanimous)


Finance Committee Update (Todd)

  • Startupalooza Sponsor $ update (March 29) $1600 in pledge, $800 outstanding (need $1000 more)
  • Ignite 3 Sponsors $ update: Beerchips, Ziba design, Toonlet: $800 pledges
  • Ignite 2: We received all of the checks from Ignite
  • Barcamp sponsors: $750 pledged ($500 outstanding)
  • Bank Balance: $2018.68 (Net $918 reserves)
  • Fiscal year: Tentatively planning to make it the end of September

LoT Logo Coloring (Justin)

  • New Logo discussed
  • Will vote over email

Ignite3 Updates (Raven)

  • Urgently need a date in June
  • Week of June 16th at the Bagdad
  • Todd to check in with them about Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Working with Igal on the registration system
  • Lessons learned: could use some extra time to preview the slides

Startupalooza updates (Todd)

  • All the speakers are in!

BarCamp updates (Dawn)

  • Things are underway, waiting on sponsorship money to decide how much food

Discussion about needing to set some working meetings to hammer though some startup stuff

  • Bylaws revisions
  • Narrative
  • WORKING MEETING: 3/18/08, 6:30pm SIDE DOOR


Ideas to make these board meetings more efficient.

  • Per person updates
  • Send updates ahead of the meeting – 24 hours before the meeting
  • Conference calls for subcommitee meetings

When to meet with Steve Gehlen?

  • Working session with available board members in the next week scheduled

NXNW – We think this would be too big to do as a community event, so LoT will not offer to coordinate this potential event.

Who Are We? A survey to find out

Just in time for BarCamp, the Legion of Tech is doing a survey to find out more about Portland’s technology community. We’d like to know about your demographics and activities, for event planning and as a resource for the rest of the community. Please go to http://moourl.com/lotsurvey and fill it out, then spread the word to your friends and coworkers.