2009 Advisory Committee Announced

First, thank you to everyone who ran for the Legion of Tech advisory committee! It was a great group of people and a hard choice to make between so many good candidates.

The 2009 Advisory Committee for Legion of Tech (in random order):

  • Scott Kveton
  • Jed Herzog
  • Bram Pitoyo
  • Amber Case
  • Jason Mauer
  • Don Park
  • Nate Angell
  • Betsy Richter
  • Nate DiNiro
  • Jake Kuramoto
  • Rick Turoczy
  • Igal Koshevoy

You’ll notice that there are 12 people, instead of 10. We had a tie for the final seat on the advisory committee, and we decided to expand the committee rather than have a tie-breaker vote.

If you weren’t selected, we would still love to have you volunteer and get involved in the various Legion of Tech events. There are plenty of ways to be involved!

Thank you again to everyone.