2011 Legion of Tech Board Minutes

2011-01-20 Board Meeting

Thursday 2011-01-20 at 5:45 pm
ShopIgniter Offices

411 NW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97209
Third Floor

Present: Christie Koehler, Amy Farrell, Jason Mauer, Chris McCraw, Reid Beels, Anne Buckley, Michael Dexter
(Michael attended the first part of the meeting by phone and joined in person later.)

Meeting Schedule

We agreed to move board meetings to the third Thursday of the month, and to start them at 6:00 pm instead of 5:45.

Finance update

Commerce Bank: $5,774.89

We have the paperwork so that we can close the US Bank account.

A credit card for the US Bank account has just arrived in the mail; Christie will contact Dawn to get it canceled.

Annual report is due. Christie will see if she can file it online.

need to be done by the end of the month. (We are probably under the
threshhold and don’t need to file.) Christie will follow up on this too.

Review Transition Tasks from December’s minutes and proceed

(see http://legionoftech.org/minutes/2010-legion-of-tech-board-minutes/ )

Transition tasks (copied here for ease use):

  • Remove access to shared online resources — including transferring ownership of any google docs owned by outgoing board members.
  • access audit: include wordpress, etc. (Accounts on some sites don’t need to be disabled, e.g., IgnitePortland.)
    • Changed legionoftech.org WordPress user roles for non-current board members from “Administrator” to “Subscriber” —1/20/11 RB
    • Changed
      password for ‘admin’ WordPress user on legionoftech.org, updated value
      in Critical Info google doc (this doc is currently still shared with
      Josh, and I don’t have permissions to revoke that) —1/20/11 RB
    • Changed password for ‘admin’ WordPress user on igniteportland.com, updated value in Critical Info google doc —1/20/11 RB
    • Changed igniteportland.org WordPress user roles for non-current board members from “Administrator” to “Subscriber” —1/20/11 RB
  • Update contact information for IRS, Secretary of State, etc. Banking addresses. – Christie will follow up, can do much of this.
  • Brain dump from outgoing board members. (To be Done.)
  • Update/correct bylaws. Get financial procedures in there, update to be more factual.
  • Get Ignite and BarCamp scheduled.
    • Verify
      that Ignite was either never reserved with the Bagdad, or that it was
      reserved and that reservation has been cancelled. Jason will follow up
      with Dawn and Josh.
  • Board member orientation.
  • Also, meet & greet. Jason to arrange.

Officer Elections (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary)

Officers elected by majority vote:
Chair: Amy Farrell
Treasurer: Christie Koehler
Secretary: Chris McCraw

Jason will write a post for the LoT blog announcing new officers.


of getting our technology stuff worked out. Reid expressed interest and
will put together a proposal and send it to the list.

policy conversation — Open Source groups have been discussing putting
formal policies together. It’s something we’ll be wanting to discuss.
Michael reports that Google is considering looking for these policies
when deciding what to sponsor.

We need to get our google groups pages/files moved to somewhere else. Amy will move them to Google Docs.

Jason proposed having regular open-space style meetings for the community. Christie suggested quarterly.

We need to get planning started on BarCamp. We’ll take this to the list, since we need to get started before our next meeting.

Christie will also start a discussion of fundraising strategy on the list.

Next meeting: 2/17 at 6:00.

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