Legion of Tech 2010 Board Election Resuts

After current board members voted by anonymous ballot, here are the results of the 2010 Legion of Tech Board Elections.

The 2010 LoT board is:

  • Josh Bancroft
  • Dawn Foster
  • Amy Farrell
  • Chris Pitzer
  • Christie Koehler
  • Jason Mauer

We welcome Jason and Christie to the board, and look forward to working with them to put on awesome events in Portland! 🙂

Thanks to everyone in the community for your continued support!

BarCampPortland 4 Is Coming May 22!

[UPDATE:BarCampPortland 4 is being rescheduled.]

The fourth annual BarCampPortland will be May 22, at the University of Portland campus. We are trying something new this year — we will be sharing the venue with Portland Code Camp, another great tech event that many of the developers among us enjoy. Both events are (and always have been) free.

Want to get involved?

  • Volunteer: If you’d like to get involved with planning and preparations, please contact Amy Farrell (amykfarrell on gmail).
  • Sponsor BarCamp: These events can’t be successful without our sponsors. Contact Dawn Foster (geekygirldawn on gmail) if you’re interested in sponsoring BarCamp.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @BarCampPortland
  • Tell your friends!

The next combined BarCamp/Code Camp planning meeting will be Monday, February 22, at 6:30 pm. If you’d like to be involved, please get in touch!

Legion of Tech Board Elections Update

Now that the nomination period has closed, we wanted to give you a quick update on where we are with the Legion of Tech board elections. As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog post, we hope to have 5 to 7 total board members in 2010, and we will be electing our new board at our next board meeting on February, 11, 2010. We will announce the results of the election on this blog within a few days of the election. Here are the candidates:

Running for re-election

  • Josh Bancroft
  • Dawn Foster

Running for new board seats

  • Nate DiNiro
  • Christie Koehler
  • Jason Mauer

Continuing to serve the remainder of their 2-year terms (not up for re-election):

  • Amy Farrell
  • Chris Pitzer

Adam DuVander and Raven Zachary will not be running for re-election. They have both decided that they need to devote more time to their growing businesses. As founding members of the Legion of Tech board, both Adam and Raven have been instrumental in making Legion of Tech a success, and they have worked tirelessly on many of our events. We wish them both the best of luck.

Legion of Tech Board Elections for 2010

We are getting ready to have the Legion of Tech board member elections in February, and we wanted to give people plenty of time to get involved. Normally, we hold elections in December, but given our recent issues, we voted to postpone elections until the February board meeting, which is currently scheduled for February, 11, 2010. We hope to have 5 to 7 total board members in 2010.

Now is your opportunity to run for the Legion of Tech board. In order to get your name on the ballot, you must meet the specified criteria and follow the process outlined here:

  1. A nomination must be made by a current board member and be seconded by another current board member (talk to a current board member if you are interested).
  2. Nominations are due January 31st.
  3. In order to qualify for a nomination, nominees are required to have worked on the planning committee of at least one Legion of Tech event or have made a significant positive contribution as a volunteer on 2 or more LoT events.

Current board members serving the remainder of their 2 year term:

  • Amy Farrell
  • Chris Pitzer

Current board members who are up for reelection for a new 2 year term:

  • Josh Bancroft (current interim chair)
  • Adam DuVander (current treasurer)
  • Dawn Foster (current secretary)

Current board members whose terms expire at the end of December and are not running for reelection:

  • Raven Zachary

A huge thank you to Raven Zachary who had been invaluable in his role filling in as interim chair, but who is too busy running his new business, Small Society, to continue as a board member in 2010. Raven was one of the founding members of Legion of Tech, and he was a co-organizer for the first Ignite Portland and BarCampPortland before we even started Legion of Tech. He will be missed, but we wish him the best of luck with his booming new company!

Ignite Portland 7 is Tomorrow

I can hardly believe that we are on our seventh Ignite Portland event, and the event is tomorrow! If you are interested in attending, I encourage you to read Josh’s “How to Enjoy Ignite Portland 7” post for all of the details about what to expect.

November 19, 2009
Bagdad Theater: 3702 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214
Doors Open at 5:30PM
Show Starts at 7:00PM
General Admission, No Tickets
Admission is always FREE!

You are in for a treat. We have some amazing talks lined up with everything from eating your first roadkill deer and roasting coffee at home to robots and pirate radio stations. You can get the entire list of talks from the Ignite Portland website, and we think that we have something for almost everyone.

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of our wonderful sponsors. Without our sponsors, these events would not be possible, and we thank them for their continued support of Legion of Tech and Ignite Portland.


We hope to see you Ignite Portland 7, and it isn’t too early to start thinking about your talk submission ideas for Ignite Portland 8!

In The Spirit Of Openness

I regret to inform you that the Legion of Tech Board of Directors (“Board”) recently discovered that a previous board member had taken money from the organization.  That person spent thousands of dollars on personal expenses using a credit card that the Board was unaware carried a balance.  That card was connected to a bank account that the former director was to have closed months ago.  The account remained open and the former director wrote personal checks from the money in the account–money that was to have been transferred to the new bank account upon its close.

Upon learning of this fraud last week, the Board acted swiftly to hold an emergency board meeting.  Actions were taken to freeze both accounts and the individual was removed from the Board.

The Board has appointed myself (Adam DuVander) and Raven Zachary as the team to deal with this matter on behalf of the Board. Additionally, the board elected Raven Zachary to serve as interim chair for the remainder of 2009.

How does something like this happen?  First, remember that we are volunteers that are motivated to bring people together for great events.  To pull off something like Ignite Portland or BarCamp, all the organizers need to count on each other to do their part.  The same is true on the Board.  At this point it probably goes without saying that we misplaced our trust.

As current treasurer, this discovery came after months of repeated attempts to gain access to the financial records for the account where the fraud took place.  Prior to this event, I never had any association with the account, outside of receiving a check for what I was told was the closing balance.

The new account at a different bank of which I do have control, has always had an up-to-date accounting available to the finance committee.  In addition, we have improved our financial process.  All expenses, of which we have few, will be signed by myself and another Board member.  Additionally, all Board members will be aware of each expense.

With the assistance of an attorney, the Board is attempting to reach an agreement with the former Board member to repay all funds.  It was only the pursuit of this agreement, on the advice of our counsel, that kept us from making this matter public earlier.  Know that we have and will share as much as we possibly can.

Thank you for taking the time to understand this issue.  Legion of Tech remains committed to producing Ignite Portland, BarCamp Portland, and related events.

Update: Raven posted a comment below with additional clarification – please read it.

Recent Changes & the Future of the Legion of Tech Board

Being on the Legion of Tech board is a big time commitment. We aren’t one of those boards where you can attend board meetings, provide advice and then go away until the next meeting. We’re a working board, and board members are expected to organize events and contribute in other ways to the organization. When life throws a curve ball and personal or work commitments start requiring more time, it can be very hard to continue participating on a working board.

This brings me to the point of this blog post. Over the past month, both Craig Fisk and Chris O’Rourke have resigned from the board to take care of personal and/or business issues that required more attention than they could provide while also maintaining their commitments to Legion of Tech. We wish both of them the best of luck and hope to see them involved as volunteers in future Legion of Tech activities.

The seven remaining board members are:

  • Josh Bancroft
  • Adam DuVander
  • Amy Farrell
  • Dawn Foster
  • Todd Kenefsky
  • Chris Pitzer
  • Raven Zachary

Our bylaws state that we will have at least 5 board members, but no more than 10 board members, so at this point, we don’t plan to hold any special elections to replace Craig and Chris. In fact, we have been considering reducing the size of the board anyway. The organization that manages the Open Source Bridge conference has only a three person board, and the majority of the event is run by volunteers. While we don’t think we want to reduce the board to three people, we think that having fewer board members would help us be a leaner organization with less overhead while giving other people in our community more opportunities to volunteer for events. Right now, we have so many board members, that most of our event organizing committees are made up of mostly board members.

We’d like to have more opportunities for people in the community who aren’t on the board to step up and help with events like BarCampPortland, Ignite Portland and Startupalooza. We’re excited about finding additional ways to get the Portland tech community more involved in our activities.

What do you think? How can we engage the community to be more involved in our events? How would you like to be involved?

Legion of Tech Board Meeting Minutes

We’ve been a little disorganized about posting the board meeting minutes lately. I wish I had some elaborate excuse like, “the dog ate my blog post”, or something like that. While we were diligently taking notes and sharing them with other board members, I was forgetting to post them here for the rest of you to read. As of now, I am completely caught up on the minutes, and you can find them conveniently organized on a single page by year.

So, feel free to catch up on what we’ve been up to and post any questions, comments, or snide remarks here on this post.

Donate, Volunteer or Sponsor to Help Make BarCampPortland a Success

BarCampPortland is right around the corner on May 1 & 2, and we need your help to make it successful!

  • Donate! We’re a little short on money to feed people at Barcamp. By donating a few bucks, you can help us buy some food for the event.
  • Sponsor! These events can’t be successful without our sponsors. Contact Todd Kenefsky (kenefsky on gmail) if you would like to sponsor a portion of the event.
  • Volunteer to help. BarCampPortland is an event run entirely by volunteers. Contact klint at renegadefuturist.com if you can spare a few hours on Friday or Saturday to help.
  • RSVP. Don’t forget to RSVP for the event on Upcoming.
  • Follow us on Twitter: Up to the minute breaking updates about the event as @BarCampPortland

You can learn more about the event by visiting the BarCampPortland wiki.

BarCampPortland Coming May 1 & 2 – Want to help?

logobarcampportlandOur 3rd BarCampPortland event is coming on May 1 and 2! We know that May is still really far away, but we wanted to get you thinking about BarCampPortland now.  As always, we can use some help with the event, so we are having a volunteer meeting next week! We love to have you join us to learn more about how you can help.

BarCampPortland Volunteer Meeting
Monday February 23, 2009 from 5:30pm – 6:30pm
CubeSpace 622 SE Grand Ave
RSVP on Upcoming if you plan to attend

Volunteering isn’t the only way to help us out:

  • RSVP for the actual event on May 1 and 2 on Upcoming.
  • Sponsor! These events can’t be successful without our sponsors. Contact Todd Kenefsky (kenefsky on gmail) if you would like to sponsor a portion of the event.
  • Join our Mailing List: Sign up for our Google Group to get email announcements about future meetups and events.
  • Follow us on Twitter: Up to the minute breaking updates about the event as @BarCampPortland
  • Tell your friends: Don’t forget to use the BarCampPortland tag when blogging, posting pictures, etc.

We hope to see you at our volunteer meeting and at the BarCampPortland event!