Some Background on Legion of Tech

Legion of Tech is currently in the early stages of forming as a non-profit organization. We have submitted the paperwork to incorporate as a non-profit in Oregon, but have not yet received confirmation that our application will be accepted.

After organizing BarCamp Portland and Ignite Portland, we realized that it was very difficult to manage sponsorships and other logistics of these events without having a legal entity. For example, at Ignite Portland, Raven signed a waiver making him personally responsible if anything happened to the facility (we had insurance, but this could have been really ugly if anything bad happened.) We are forming Legion of Tech to allow us to better manage these Portland community events.

This organization has two primary functions: first, we organize key community events like BarCampPortland and Ignite Portland; second, we provide resources and help to organizers of other community technology events. Specifically, the purpose of this organization is to

  • Grow and nurture the local Portland technology community through educational, not-for-profit, community-run events.
  • Make it easier for community members to organize technology events.
  • Provide resources and assistance for technology community events.

Next Steps for the organization:

  • We will be having the first board meeting this week to ratify the bylaws and board members for Legion of Tech (we will post the minutes, board member names, and bylawys here on the blog)
  • After ratification of the board and the bylaws and acceptance of our application to incorporate as an Oregon non-profit, we will begin filing the 501(c) (3) paperwork to see if we can qualify as a tax-exempt organization.

We will continue to post more information and additional pages here as we work through the details.  We are also working on a logo, which will drive the look and feel for the site, so please excuse the newbie theme look while we get organized.