OSCamp / FOSSCoach at OSCON

While this is not a Legion of Tech event, we thought that many of the local Portland technology crowd might be interested in attending some or all of this BarCamp style event being organized by our own Portlander Sam Keen, Open Source Community guru Zak Greant, and others.

The event is called FOSSCoach and it will focus on helping people learn, share and improve the essential skills required to participate in collaborative, free and open online projects like Firefox® and Wikipedia.

The event will do this through a mix of presentations and hands-on coaching from experts in the field.
Presentations are on interesting topics like how to make a living as a community manager and how to get started hacking on Firefox. Attending coaches include people like David Ascher, Mozilla Messaging CEO and Cat Allman from Google’s Open Source Programs Office.

You can get a good overview of the Portland event including information on who else is participating, what sessions are lined up and more at: http://fosscoach.wikia.com/wiki/FOSSCoach_at_OSCON_2008

Attendance is free, though you do need to register: http://fosscoach.wikia.com/wiki/OSCON08:How_To_Register

FOSSCoach will be held July 23rd (Wed) through July 25th (Friday).